St Mary’s School is at the heart of our community. We work with many local groups and organisations to build stronger community relationships.

School has a close association with St Andrew’s church and the church staff: Rev. Kathy Robertson, Rev. David Gerrard and Rev. Andrew Griffin. They frequently welcome us into church, visit school regularly and are always happy to meet parents, staff  as well as the children. It is through St Andrew’s that we have connections with St Catherine’s church, Agbrigg which operates a Foodbank which school supports.

Our local Mosques are also important partners and good friends. The Swafia Jamia Mosque rents a building from school and we are happy to share our playing fields for the benefit of children who attend Mosque School.

Eastmoor Community Project operates from The St Swithun’s Community Centre on Eastmoor and has long been a supportive partner.  St Mary’s is included in their Children and Youth Project and Andrew Barnard, the Youth Development Worker from St Swithun’s is a frequent visitor in school. We hope that this project will be developed further in the near future.

Obviously there are many other organisations with whom we work, including other local schools and our near neighbours The Fire Service. All are valued friends and we seek to build a stronger community through mutual support and developing relationships.

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