School Governors act to ensure that the school operates within legal frameworks to fulfil its duty towards pupils, parents and carers, and community. They oversee matters relating to pupils’ achievement, progress and welfare and have a duty to ensure school’s income is effectively used. Governors are also responsible for the short and long term development of school, and establishing and maintaining its ethos.

Governors of St Marys meet twice termly as Full Governing Body. Several sub committees and working parties have been established. They meet termly [or as required] and have specific roles including:

  • Pupils and Standards Committee – monitors learning, achievement and progress.
  • Resources Committee – has responsibility for management of all school’s resources including financial, physical and staff.

Individual Governors have specific responsibilities for particular aspects of school life and are frequent visitors to school. These roles include oversight of: Curriculum; SEND; Health and Safety; Safeguarding; Wellbeing; Pupil and Sports Premium; Buildings; Website; Attendance and EYFS.

Governors hear regular reports about school life and learning and about how school is developing. They ask questions about pupils’ progress, behaviour, attendance, finance, buildings, teaching and learning, curriculum, staffing, ethos – in fact all aspects of school life.

They are clear about how they expect to see progress.

They challenge and support school and the Headteacher to ensure that St Mary’s children are safe, happy and receive every possible opportunity.

Our Governing Body is constituted as follows:

  • 7 Foundation Governors – nominated by The Church
  • 2 Parent Governors
  • 2 Staff Governors
  • Headteacher
  • 1 Local Authority Governor
  • St Andrew’s church priest in charge – ex-officio

Governors serving as of Sept 2021:

Mr M Taylor [Head Teacher]

Mrs J Milne [Chair; foundation governor]

Rev D Gerrard [Ex-officio foundation governor]

Mrs P Aveyard [Vice Chair; foundation governor]

Mr J Allott [Foundation governor]

Mr Nasar Ahmed [Parent governor]

Mrs S Ilyas [Foundation governor]

Mrs R Khan [Parent governor]

Mrs M Matheson[Staff governor]

Mr J Milne [Foundation governor]

Rev K Robertson [Foundation governor]

Mrs T Simpson [Staff governor]

Cllr O Rowley [LA governor]

Associate Governor: Miss E Brown and Mrs R  Shuttleworth

All governors are contactable through school.

Governor Details and Register of Interests

Governor Name Category of Governor – Appointing Body – e.g. Parents, Staff, LA Term Start Date Term End Date Date Stepped Down (where applicable) Governing Body Committees Serving On Positions of Responsibility Held – e.g. Chair, Vice-Chair Relevant Business Interest Other Educational Establishments where Governor/Trustee Relationship with Member of School Staff Attendance at FGB mtgs, Sept 20 – July 21
Rev David Gerrard Ex-officio 12/09/2016 SIAMS 5 of 6
Mr Mark Taylor Ex-officio Headteacher 01/09/2008 Pupils & Standards, Resources Director ECP 6 of 6
Mr Nasar Ahmed Parent Governor Parents 02/12/2020 01/12/2024 3 of 4
Mrs Rabina Khan Parent Governor Parents 03/05/2019 02/05/2023 SIAMS 5 of 6
Mr John Allott Foundation Governor Foundation 03/05/2019 02/05/2023 Director ECP Governor, Pinders Primary 3 of 6
Mrs Pamela Aveyard Foundation Governor Foundation 04/07/2019 03/07/2023 Pupils and standards; training link governor Vice-Chair 6 of 6
Mrs Safia Ilyas Foundation Governor Foundation 30/04/2020 29/04/2024 Community 5 of 6
Mrs Janet Milne Foundation Governor Foundation 30/08/2018 29/08/2022 Pupils & Standards, Resources Chair Director ECP Trustee Enhance MAT; LGB, CAPA 6 of 6
Mr John Milne Foundation Governor Foundation 25/01/2021 24/01/2025 Resources Director ECP 4 of 6
Rev Kathy Robertson Foundation Governor Foundation 01/01/2018 31/12/2022 Pupils & Standards 4 of 6
Mrs Amanda Matheson Staff Staff 26/01/2021 25/01/2025 Pupils & Standards 4 of 6
Cllr Mrs Olivia Rowley LA Governor Local Authority 04/07/2019 03/07/2023 Community Director ECP 4 of 6
Mrs Tracy Simpson Co-opted Governor Governing Body 08/10/2018 07/10/2022 Pupils & Standards Mother of TA in school 4 of 6
Miss Emma Brown Associate Governing Body 01/09/2018 31/08/2022 5 of 6
  • ECP – Eastmoor Community Project